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The Washington State Society of Orthodontists (WSSO) is your local connection to organized orthodontics. If you are a member - thank you! If you are not yet a member – join us! Become a member at The American Association of Orthodontists and Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists provide services including access to the latest advances in the science of orthodontics via publications and meetings, practice management tools, and marketing materials. The AAO is the strongest political voice of orthodontists in the current climate of changes in health care insurance and mandates.

The mission of the WSSO is to help orthodontists in Washington State provide excellent orthodontic care by providing quality continuing education for orthodontists and orthodontic staff, liaising with the Washington State Dental Association for political and practical practice issues, and facilitating communications between the organization and orthodontists.

On February 2, 2018 the WSSO is pleased to present our annual educational meeting at the Meydenabuer Center in Bellevue. Please register using the "Meeting" tab above. We look forward to seeing you there.

The WSSO is a non-profit organization and all board members are volunteers. The board has five divisions: 1) communications 2) legislative 3) membership 4) orthodontic practice and 5) peer review. If we can be of assistance to you, please contact the WSSO using the “about us” link on this website. If you would like to become involved, please contact me or a member of the WSSO board.

Tori Matthys DDS, MSD
WSSO President 2018-19

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